Our high-end perfumes are produced through enflourage/maceration process which using top quality OUD (agarwood oil) solvent to replace LARD. After that they went through further fermentation process which takes weeks to obtain the most concentrated perfume oil that can last up to 12 hour if applied on skin (pulse points) AND three days if applied on clothes. You can still smell the scent even after you wash the clothes.

This is the only high-end perfumes with a low price tag in the world!

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    Amin Perfume product line

    • We have 16 codes which carry different calming scents.
    • We devided them into FIVE fine scent lines namely Active, Romance, Spirit, Elegance and Fresh.
    • Each one of them is packed in 8 ml roll-on bottle and the retail price is US$20.00. You can choose any of them.
    • However these prices do not include shipping and handling fee.


    $ 20.00 USD

    Fresh and cool watery scent at the beginning of the day will enlighten your spirit. Suitable for teenagers or young executives to start an active and vigorous morning activity and business.

    Comes in two scents..

    • Nasyath
    • Saliim


    $ 20.00 USD



    Soft spicy and woody scent to enhance your credibility as a leader. The soft oudy smell that comes later stays up to 12 hours.

    Suitable for men with dignity and charisma.




    $ 20.00 USD


    Sweet floral and fruity scent will create a romantic ambience. Suitable for evening events and functions or simply indulging yourselves in a calming scent after a long day of work.

    The mild scent acts as a remedy for some people to relief headache, especially the 'Afiat perfume.

    Comes in four scents:

    • 'Afiat
    • Aman
    • Suja'
    • Surur




    $ 20.00 USD

    The strong zesty fresh scent will boost your early day. The strong scent will fade slowly and leave you in a mild but sweet orange and lime scent for the rest of the day.

    Suitable for young girls and boys and those who like sporty life.

    Comes in two scents:

    • Aslama
    • Sakinah



    $ 20.00 USD

    Strong oudy scent will activate your spirit and enhance your day and night. Suitable for Muslims especially religous men. The oudy scent will create a calm and pure embience which helps you to be more concentrate on your prayer.

    Comes in fiur scents:

    • 'Azim
    • Hassif
    • Mutma'innah
    • Raudhah


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