As a Malaysian manufacturer we follow the Halal Manufacturing Procedures produced by Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC). Our perfumes are produced through enflourage process which using top quality OUD (agarwood oil) solvent to replace LARD.  After that they went through further fermentation process which takes weeks to obtain the most concentrated perfume oil  that can last up to 12 hour if applied on skin (pulse points) AND three days if applied on clothes. You can still smell the scent even after you wash the clothes. 

 The Truth About Perfume

The story of perfume is dated back more than 4000 years ago among the Mesopotamians followed by the Egyptians, but the Arabians were the first to use rose petals to make rose water about 1,300 years ago. They not only use it as perfumes but also as medicine.

One of the earliest true perfume made was the "essential oil of rose" or "attar of rose". But did you know how they produced the essential of rose? The flowers must be picked early, when the oil is the most concentrated. About 750kgs of roses is used to make just 1kg of rose absolute and about 4000kgs for 1kg of rose essential oil. All these reasons makes the perces of some perfume soars.

Perfume which comes from Latin words "fumus" which means smoke is the most luxurious and indulgent of all beauty products. To an extent, it tentalises one of our basic sense - the smell - it touches the heights of sophistication with elegant packaging and distinctive names. But, basically, perfumes are made from the mixture of many different ingredients which comes from carefull blend of essential oils, isolated constituents of essential oils, synthetic smells and natural animal products.

A perfume may contains between ten to more than 250 ingredients.

Useful Tips

  • Always try out a perfume on yourself, do not rely on how it smells on others.
  • Do not expose your perfume to the light when you want to store them.
  • Do not wear perfume while sunbathing.


      Check the Glossary      

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Family Groups:

There are a few ways of grouping families of scents.

The following grouping is based on the French perfume committee classification: 

Citrus: obtained from fruit by cold pressing (bergamot, lemon, orange…).

  • Floral citrus
  • Chypre citrus
  • Spicy citrus
  • Woody citrus
  • Aromatic citrus

Fougere: (lavender, oak, moss, coumarin, bergamot, geranium…).

  • Sweet amber fern
  • Floral amber fern
  • Spicy fern
  • Aromatic fern

Chypre: Cypress in French, (oak moss, ciste labdanum, patchouli, bergamot, rose…).      

  • Floral aldehydic
  • Floral chypre
  • Friuty chypre
  • Green chypre
  • Aromatic  chypre
  • Chypre leather

Woody: (sandalwood, Patchouli, cedar, vetyver) with lavender and citrus notes.

  • Woody citrus conifer
  • Woody aromatic
  • Spicy woody
  • Woody spicy leather

Amber: previously called “Oriental”, a soft scent (vanilla, ciste-labdanum).

  • Woody floral amber
  • Spicy floral amber
  • Citrus amber
  • Semi-amber floral

Leather: an attempt to reproduce the scent of leather with dry notes (burnt wood, smoke, tobacco, birch) together with slightly floral scents.

Another way of grouping the scents was made in 1983 (by Michael Edwards, a consultant in the perfume industry): 


  • Floral  
  • Soft Floral  
  • Floral Oriental  


  • Soft Oriental  
  • Oriental  
  • Woody Oriental  


  • Wood  
  • Mossy Woods  
  • Dry Woods  


  • Citrus  
  • Green  
  • Water  


Elements from each of the other four groups - this family contains the largest variety of scents since it made up of combinations of elements from the other groups.   

Muslim Guidelines of  Wearing Perfumes

Sadly to say that not all perfumes are considered HALAL for Muslims. There are some Islamic Manufacturing Procedure (IMP) standards to be followed such as:

  • perfumes should be produced according to stringent higene procedure (Higenic Manufacturing Procedure - HMP) and NOT involving LARD enflourage although mowadays there are alternatives using vegetable oils, but we don't know for sure.
  • should not involves animal ingredients if maceration is involed. Again no one can tell
  • clean production condition WITHOUT any contamination of either animals waste, droppings, fur/feather or skins.
  • no alcohol (certain small amount is permitted - Halal Malaysia) is used either during extraction process or desolving process.

Concentration levels

Perfume oil is necessarily diluted with a solvent because undiluted oils (natural or synthetic) contain high concentrations of volatile components that will likely result in allergic reactions and possibly injury when applied directly to skin or clothing. By far the most common solvent for perfume oil dilution is ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. Perfume oil can also be diluted by means of neutral-smelling lipids such as jojoba, fractionated coconut oil or wax. The concentration by percent/volume of perfume oil is as follows:

  • ·       Perfume extract: 20%-40% aromatic compounds
  • ·        Eau de parfum: 10-30% aromatic compounds
  • ·        Eau de toilette: 5-20% aromatic compounds
  • ·        Eau de cologne: 2-5% aromatic compounds

There are 3 major types: oriental, floral & chypre (means "very sincere" in French). There are also many sub-variations such as woody, musky, aquatic, spicy & fruity.

Eau de - means "water of" in French.

  • Eau de cologne - contains about 3-5% perfume oil. Used by men.
  • Aftershave lotions & splash colognes - contains about 0.5-2% perfume oil. Used by men.
  • Eau de parfum - contains about 15-18% perfume oil. Used by women.
  • Eau de toilette - contains about 4-8% perfume oil. Used by women.

Parfum (perfume) is the strongest of them all as it contains the most perfume oil. Use sparingly.


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Do’s and Dont’s of Wearing Perfume
June 14th, 2008

By Chris Robertson

The perfume fragrances you wear can cause people to be attracted to you or, unfortunately, to flee from you! You should carefully choose perfumes that enhance the space around you. Be careful not to offend others with fragrances that are too strong. Here are some quick perfume tips on choosing and wearing fragrances.

Choosing a Perfume Fragrance

Find a fragrance that complements your skin and natural aroma of your body. The scent should be subtle enough to not invade anyone else’s “personal space” but pleasant enough that others will want to stay around you. Perfume is meant to enhance your personality, attire, and overall being.

When you visit the fragrance department in a department store, sample perfumes by spraying a couple of fragrances on your skin in areas located far apart from one another. For example, spray one type on your hand and the other on your upper arm. Don’t try spraying on more than two fragrances in a single trip. Then, leave the store or at least the perfume section for a few minutes to smell the fragrances on your skin. This will allow you to smell the scents without them blending with others from the fragrance section.

Try each scent directly on your skin to be sure it’s the perfect match. The fragrance should blend well with your normal body aroma, as well as the scents of your clothing detergent, shampoos, and makeup.

If you think you’ve found the perfect perfume for you, wait a day before buying. Try on a sample of only that particular perfume from the department store and then leave it on for a day. Be sure it doesn’t lose its scent during the day, change scents, or cause any allergies or headaches. Wearing it for a day should reveal all of these.


Do’s of Wearing Perfume

If you have dry skin, wear extra perfume. The oils in your skin, or lack thereof, can enhance or weaken the scent. When it’s cold out, wear extra perfume. Cold weather tends to weaken the scent as well. When, buying new perfume, don’t base your decision on what works for someone else. Try it out on your own skin first. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to a scent.

The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower or bath. After bathing, your skin pores will be open and will soak up the perfume’s fragrance. Also when bathing, use non-deodorized soap where the perfume will be applied. Soaps and deodorants can affect how the perfume will smell on your skin; the mixture won’t always be pleasant!

When applying perfume, dab it in unusual places where it will stay warm and keep its scent longer. It can be applied on the inside of the elbow, on the wrist, neck, stomach, cleavage, and back of the knees.

 Don’ts of Wearing Perfume

While there are many positives to wearing perfume, there are few things to avoid. One involves perfume and jewelry. Certain types of jewelry, such as costume or pearl jewelry, can become discolored due to perfume alcohols. Some jewelry can also be stripped of its outer coating. When wearing perfume with this type of jewelry, apply it away from the jewelry.

Don’t use only one perfume year round. Test out various perfumes during seasonal changes to see which ones work best in the hot or cool temperatures. Different fragrances are affected by temperatures when it comes to scent intensity.

Never apply perfume behind the ears. It can blend with skin secretions and create a bad smell. Also, don’t spray perfume onto light-colored clothes because it can turn the fabric yellow.

When buying perfumes online, try out the same brand and scent in a local store first to be sure it’s right for you. These stores carry a wide supply of fragrances, even at wholesale prices. You can also shop for other great items while you’re there including sporting goods products, computers, DVDs, pet supply items, office supply products, tools, car items, electronics, jewelry, and more.

Use these tips to find that perfect perfume for you and start drawing people to you with your lovely scent!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular []internet marketing companies on the web.
Learn more about Tips on Wearing Perfume or Majon’s Health and Beauty directory.

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